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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Top Global MB9000 3G/4G Wireless Router

by lesseffective

the Top Global MB9000 is a step up from their previous industrial-level model, the MB8000. It performs basically the same function, that is to take a wireless 3G or 4G signal (for those of you blessed to be in Rev A range) and convert it to a wifi signal. These are particularly popular for trade show booths, where you may need portable wireless access to more than one user at a time. The MB9000 has a couple great advantages over it’s predecessors, though. It not only supports 4G signals, but will take dual PCMCIA cards (or wireless ExpressCards when connected through a PCMCIA slot with a PCMCIA ExpressCard Cradle). It aggregates the bandwidth from both cards, basically giving you a very usable, high-bandwidth broadband connection in a portable box. Sewell carries the MB9000 for $1339.95, a higher sticker price than most Joe Schmoe consumers want to pay, but well worth it for the enterprise-level user who needs the performance. Picture below.

http://www.thegoont.com/top-global-mb9000-3g4g-wireless-router/The MB9000 router from top global

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